Wisconsin has one of the best education systems in the country, thanks to our great teachers and schools. However, we must continue to look for ways to improve and reform education to meet the needs of our workforce. We also know that the most important educational decisions need to be made at the local level.

I believe there’s not one answer to solve all our educational problems nor is there one type of school that fits every child’s needs. I support the expansion of charter schools to allow the best schools to replicate themselves and serve more children. I support merit pay so the best teachers can be rewarded for their excellent work in the classroom. Our state also must provide the necessary technology in our schools so our students can have the tools to help them learn and succeed in life. I'm a proud supporter of school choice and helped bring the program to Racine to allow low-income families to decide the best educational choice for their child. Every child deserves to have the best possible education no matter where they choose to attend school.


One of my top legislative priorities has been getting Racine County residents back to work. We have invested more in worker training and looked to close the skills gap in our state. Our unemployment rate continues to decline and thousands of new jobs have been created. We will continue to work to reform government regulations to ensure that government does no harm. It's best to let the private sector do its job. More work needs to be done, but I stand committed to doing what it takes to help revive our struggling economy and get the private sector to thrive.

Lowering taxes

The tax burden on the hard-working families of Racine County is still too high. Wisconsin residents deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money to spend any way they choose. That's why in the last six years, we've reduced taxes by billions of dollars and provided needed property tax relief. Since 2013, we have cut taxes by $3.4 billion.We should and will do more to help families and small businesses in Racine County.

Good budgeting

When Republicans took control of the Assembly in 2011, we inherited a backlog of old bills and a $3.6 billion structural deficit. We continue to make sound financial decisions when we balance the state budget every two years without raising taxes. We also have given local governments the tools they need to balance their own budgets. Our reforms have paid off and our state and Wisconsin families are better off because of it.