On to November!

I would like to thank the voters in the 63rd Assembly District for their support in the primary election this past week. I am honored to receive the nomination and I look forward to having the opportunity to be your voice in Madison for another term.

As I travel throughout the district going door-to-door, one of the most important things people share with me is that they’re pleased that we’re getting things done to move Wisconsin forward. We’ve cut income taxes, lowered property taxes, and cracked down on food stamp fraud. While not every issue is a bipartisan one, lawmakers are working together to get things done.  Democrats and Republicans came together to address mental health care concerns with the Speaker’s Task Force on Mental Health.  We then approved one of the most comprehensive package of mental health care reforms in decades.  Lawmakers also worked in a bipartisan fashion to pass the first of its kind legislative package to combat the growing heroin problem in our state.


However, we all know that more work needs to be done. Property taxes are still too high and we need more family supporting jobs.  We must continue to reduce the size of government and find ways to improve our business climate.  I will continue to deliver on my promise to stand up for taxpayers, reform government, and fight for the priorities that make Racine County strong. 

In two months, voters across Wisconsin will have the chance to affirm what Republicans have been doing in Madison for the future of our state.  It’s important to remember how far we’ve come in just four years. We had a $3.6 billion deficit, the unemployment rate was high, and thousands of people were left looking for work. We’ve turned the state around with a budget surplus and a better business environment with thousands of new jobs. It’s clear Racine County has benefited from the smart decisions that were made in Madison. It has been a privilege to represent Racine County during these important times and I ask for your support again in the November election.